How To Apply Wall Stickers

How To Apply Wall Stickers

As many of my friends and my wife will confirm I have no artistic skills at all hence the need to have wall stickers, with three young children I am also like many of our customers in need of solutions which can be done in minutes and have a lasting effect.

My first attempt as using vinyl wall stickers was a disaster of epic proportions I broke all the golden rules newly painted wall (you should always wait three weeks before applying), I didn’t mark the corners to ensure it was straight so for the 30 seconds it took before my wife removed the transfer it looked awful.  As a typical husband I went in gung-ho and didn’t plan what I was going to do.  Under adult supervision from my ever patient wife I started again a few weeks later with the same transfer and I became the king of transfers, every imaginable space was utilized from fridges and light switches to wardrobes.

We understand a lot of husbands are like me, so in order to help avoid disasters we suggest spending two minutes watching this great video which we get our new staff members to watch as part of their induction program.


The great thing with wall stickers is the vast majority can be reapplied and re-used so if you make a mistake or it looks a bit wonky simply remove and re-apply.

Be bold be confident help us to change that plain white wall into the feature of the room.




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