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The Keys to Making Your Home Calm, Cool and Collected

How designer Wesley Moon paired thoughtful finds with fine art until it all sang. CELIA BARBOR: Isn’t this before-and-after story as much about you as it is about the apartment? WESLEY MOON: The whole project was like a master class for me. I started it just one year after I founded my design firm, and I ended up spending nearly five years on it. The clients weren’t in a rush. The pieces had to matter. The wife especially wanted to love [...]

How To Apply Wall Stickers

As many of my friends and my wife will confirm I have no artistic skills at all hence the need to have wall stickers, with three young children I am also like many of our customers in need of solutions which can be done in minutes and have a lasting effect. My first attempt as using vinyl wall stickers was a disaster of epic proportions I broke all the golden rules newly painted wall (you should always wait three weeks [...]